Hope in the Soil


A Topical Compilation of the Writings of Ellen G. White on Agriculture, Farming, and Gardening


Before edible classrooms began “sprouting” in elementary schools, before buzzwords like “sustainable agriculture”, “organic,” or “veganic” came into existence, an exceptional woman named Ellen G. White penned numerous letters and articles on the importance of farming, an outdoor life, and manual labor.

Though often remembered for other things, Mrs. White was actively engaged in not only farming, but helping those in need to get established on farms. With God’s leading, her guiding hand was also deeply involved in the establishment of a model school in Australia-a school that wrapped farming deeply into its highly successful curriculum.

This is an excellent Ellen White compilation regarding gardening and farming, particularly as it relates to farm practices intertwined with Christian education. Gardening and agriculture is extremely beneficial for all ages, young and old alike.

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