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    Educating a Thinking Generation DVD

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    God’s plan of education made simple. Full of new and up-to-date scientific information and practical advice.

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    iChild DVD

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    How electronics are programming our children’s brains.

    Available in DVD or USB format. Click here to order the USB format.

  • Captivated


    This feature-length documentary raises concerns about the unchecked enthusiasm regarding media, and highlights the overwhelming evidence of growing problems on multiple fronts.

  • Divided


    There is a crisis. Christian youth are rapidly leaving evangelical churches for the world.

    DIVIDED follows young Christian filmmaker Philip Leclerc on a revealing journey as he seeks answers to what has led his generation away from the church.

  • Media on the Brain


    TV, movies, music, gaming, Facebook, texting, and pornography. It’s this generation’s obsession! But what does the latest science say about the mind-altering effects of 21st century media? And what is the spiritual agenda in the entertainment and advertising industries?

  • Un-doctrinated


    The time is now ripe to demonstrate to the world the fruits of the one, true, God-inspired educational template. UNdoctrinated not only details the beautiful features of that educational blueprint, but also inspires parents, educators, and church members to capture the vision.