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  • Studies in Christian Education, Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns, EducationStudies in Christian Education

    True Education Foundation Series


    This trio of books will revolutionize your understanding of education, and quite possibly change your life.

    A homeschooling mother of 2 girls recently told us, “It wasn’t until I read these books that my understanding was opened as to what is education… true education.”

    Now get all three for the price of two! Separately, these would cost $35, as a bundle they are only $25!

  • Living Fountains or Broken Cisterns


    In this incredible book, Dr. E. A. Sutherland has traced an epic battle – a battle between true and false education – from the dawn of time, showing the impact it has had on the church, the reformation, and even the rise and fall of nations.

  • Studies in Christian EducationStudies in Christian Education

    Studies in Christian Education


    Taken from a series of lectures given by E.A. Sutherland, this book sets forth in no uncertain terms the importance of following true education in the last days. We would do well to heed its counsel.

  • The Mental Arithmetic


    Are you looking for a way to teach your child math practically?

    This book is for all ages and is full of practical mathematics for everyday life and will be useful and helpful for both the home and the school.