The Mental Arithmetic


Are you looking for a way to teach your child math practically?

This book is for all ages and is full of practical mathematics for everyday life and will be useful and helpful for both the home and the school.


Are you looking for a way to teach your child math practically? This classic book, written by educational pioneer E.A. Sutherland, does just that. The usual abstract and dull math concepts come alive when seen in light of their use in real, everyday life.

This is not just another math textbook. Actually, it’s not a textbook at all, neither should it be used as one. It is much better than a textbook, and can even replace textbooks when used correctly. As Sutherland explains in his introduction, this book is designed to assist the parent/teacher as they help their child learn math.

This book is for all ages. Parents will find ideas in the book for teaching their younger children math through everyday life. Older youth may appreciate studying through the book themselves and learning math in a conceptual and practical manner. Families, even, can enjoy going through the book together with all ages learning something appropriate to their understanding.

Math will come alive through the wide range of topics explored in this book – such as science, business, agriculture, home construction, Bible chronology, country-living, history, health, and more – expanding the scope of learning beyond math alone.

Your child will enjoy learning math, and this book can take the place of many volumes of traditional math textbooks, leaving more time to focus on the most important subject of all – developing a character for eternity.

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